AMMA (Ah! Mature Millennium Artists) would like to bring you the same warmth of a mother through entertainment.

(Nourishing Art Lovers by connecting India-Canada, Culture, Heritage, etc., through Dance, Drama, Lectures & Arts.)

Members of AMMA are very talented artists who are expert professionals in their respective fields and are dedicated to entertain in their spare time.  Thus, some recognize them as Amateur and others as Ah! Mature.  The bottom line for these enthusiastic Millennium Artists is to enjoy by entertaining a diverse audience world wide.

Unofficially, AMMA has been entertaining Art Lovers in Canada and US since 1996 and continuing strongly with its official launch on November 19, 2006.

Aims and Goals of AMMA: 100 % Entertainment to all age groups, maintaining East Indian Culture / Heritage,  introducing other Cultures of the World / great works of Scholars from all languages.  Ultimately, conveying positive messages through Dance, Drama, Songs, Speeches, etc.

Those interested in displaying their talents, sharing their knowledge, willing to relieve their stress by participating in Drama, developing their hobbies and are excited to learn new skills are all welcome to AMMA. Please contact and give us your feed back as AMMA always appreciates new ideas and suggestions.  We seek your encouragement, so please help us entertain you and kindly support our cause with your generosity.

Yours sincerely,


Divakar Rudrapatna

Artistic Director



Who Are We?




Phone #:
(905) 608-9351